Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Spring Yellows - modern waterfront home

The other day I had the privilege of having my flowers used in a gorgeous waterfront home here in Victoria. Leslee Farrell, a well known Victoria real estate agent hosted the open house for this beautiful property over looking Gonzales Bay. It had some incredible spaces inside, and views which my photography just doesn't really capture. The lovely food was done by the talented David Feyes of Feyes and Hobbs. I used bright yellow spring tulips,ranunculus and leaf lined vases to compliment the interior. As a floral designer it is super exciting for me to see my creations in a place like this!

(anemones, aranda orchids and pin cushion flowers)

(would you want anything but this fireplace right here?)

If I could, I would buy this house tomorrow!!

For more images of this home check out Abstract Developments Inc.

Friday, March 9, 2012

Spring flowers - DIY Daffodil Bouquet

These sweet smelling daffodils are perfect for a spring wedding. To make a small flower girl bouquet yourself, follow the instructions below.


1) Purchase at least 10 stems of your choice of daffodil. I couldn't resist the orange center of this particular variety!

2) Sharp knife 

3) elastic band or bind wire

4) your choice of ribbon or lace

Start with one flower in the middle and continue to place stems around that middle flower trying to create a uniform shape. Secure with elastic or bind wire. 

Tie your ribbon over wire and make a nice clean even cut at the bottom of the bouquet. This can easily be turned into a bridal bouquet by just adding more stems!

Simply beautiful!

Friday, March 2, 2012

Vintage Planters for Kids

I have been having lots of fun lately with small vintage planters......

Being so small and not having any drainage, these planters work the best with succulents, cacti and small tropicals.

Kids love plants in their rooms too!