Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Center pieces - DIY Daffodils

These mini daffodils are just what we all need right now to remind us that spring is coming! 
  • Pick up one or more 4" potted mini daffodils at your local florist or even grocery store. 
  • Take a plant and place it in a pot of your choice and be sure it is a pleasing scale (my pots are from the Vancouver company 18 Karat). I stuff paper or bubble wrap inside the bigger pot to steady the smaller inside pot. 
  • Then comes the fun part: finish by placing bright green reindeer moss around the plant! 

At $4.00 a plant these could be a really affordable DIY wedding project for a cheery, yellow January  wedding! Line them down a bar or buffet table. A trio would look lovely on the signing table too.

1 comment:

  1. I did this in the pots that my hycinths came in & they look beautiful! Thanks for the tip.
    PS LOVE LOVE LOVE my Valentine bowl with the tulips. :)