Monday, December 19, 2011

Think outside the vase

If you are a flower lover, you may also be a vase lover. As long as you have the space to store them, I believe you can never have enough vases. It seems that each bouquet craves a certain texture or color. If you can't seem to find the right vase it never hurts to check your glassware selection. And if you can use dishes for your flowers, why not use vases for your food?

At my recent Christmas party I used 4"x4" cube vases for my veggies. It's fun to present food in unexpected ways! And my daughter loved helping me fill these up too.

If you receive a lot of flowers as gifts, your cupboards may be filling up with vases you don't know what to do with. I have friends and clients who return vases to me which is a great way of recycling. But think about other ways to recycle that vase. Give it a different use. A kitchen utensil holder, pen/pencil holder, use it to hold mail or keys. The list could go on! What do you do with your old vases, do you have any great ideas to share?

Tuesday, December 13, 2011

5 Year Old Birthday Party

My December baby turned five this past Sunday! I know we always hear it, but it's because it's true.........they grow up so fast!!

We hosted my daughter's party here at our house with 12 of her friends. Her first BIG party and she loved every minute. I re-used bunting and pinwheels from my sister's September wedding. We lined the sidewalk outside up to the house with pinwheels and bunting to greet our guests. Once they arrived the kids decorated party hats, I did face painting, we had a big scavenger hunt (find the pinwheels), ate cake and opened presents.

Party hat template can be found here.....

Make a wish!!!

Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Outdoor Pots

I have two large pots in the front of my house. And this past summer I planted Japanese burberry in each of them. But by this time of year they are looking pretty sad. So I spruced them up with some winter greenery like cedar, pine and salal. All very affordable to buy or perhaps even found in your back yard. Definitely after some good Victoria wind storms I am always on the look out for some blown down branches along the side of the road.

You can just keep it simple and do just greenery or for a little color add some ilex berries and dogwood branches. They won't last quite as long as the greens do so keep that in mind. Other materials to try are magnolia leaves, large pine cones, red huck branches and leucodendrons. Have fun!

Here is the sad before picture...

And after a little lovin'.........