Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Outdoor Pots

I have two large pots in the front of my house. And this past summer I planted Japanese burberry in each of them. But by this time of year they are looking pretty sad. So I spruced them up with some winter greenery like cedar, pine and salal. All very affordable to buy or perhaps even found in your back yard. Definitely after some good Victoria wind storms I am always on the look out for some blown down branches along the side of the road.

You can just keep it simple and do just greenery or for a little color add some ilex berries and dogwood branches. They won't last quite as long as the greens do so keep that in mind. Other materials to try are magnolia leaves, large pine cones, red huck branches and leucodendrons. Have fun!

Here is the sad before picture...

And after a little lovin'.........

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