Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Flower girl purse

It is that time of year when summer brides everywhere are in full planning and research mode. And each bride has many decisions to be made. Venue, guest list, colors, flowers, dress, food, favors, entertainment .... the list seems to never end. With so many big decisions to be made the little stuff can often get shoved to the sidelines. But often, it's the small details people remember. One of those memorable details can be what the adorable flower girl was carrying! Traditionally flower girls have worn crowns of flowers and carried small bouquets. But the imagination is really the only limit here. Floral wands are especially cute for little girls in the wedding party, but older girls deserve something unique also!

This past September I made a flower purse for a 10 year old flower girl. I covered it in yellow and green kermit mums and finished it with some nice striped grosgrain ribbon. Sort of Kate Spade meets Carrie Bradshaw! This could be made half the size and used for a smaller child also. And of course customized to the season. Just imagine some velvet ribbon or fur trim for a winter wedding!


  1. Hi Tara!

    But that's nice! I encanata! Is designed to tell you happy, it's perfect! And goes well with the style and color of the dress.
    Congratulations on your work, really is spectacular!
    A greeting from Spain.

  2. Gracias! It is always nice to hear from my readers! Happy New Year from Canada.

  3. Tara, I only discovere your blog this morning and already I'm hooked.
    You have very talented hands and a great eye.