Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Ivan Meade on Flowers

I thought it would be fun to bring in my friend and local interior designer Ivan Meade of Meade Design Group for an interview on the blog today. Curious what this designer loves and hates about flowers? Well you will have to read to find out!

1) As an interior designer, when do you like to use flowers and why?

I like to use flowers in all of my interior design projects, and I always have natural flowers at my studio.  I believe flowers  can bring a space to life and complement the interior design.  They can be the final touch that finishes off a room.   If you don't have plants or flowers in an interior, it can look very sterile; flowers add the sense that a soul lives in the space, or works in a space.  I believe flowers remind us that we are part of something bigger, a reminder of the beautiful things in nature.  When you go to a restaurant and you don't see flowers on the table, the restaurant feels very mechanical - the space doesn't invite you to relax and enjoy yourself.  Flowers at the entrance of a business is always a kind way to say 'Welcome, I am glad you are here' (this is one of the reasons I always have natural flowers at my studio).  Flowers are actually the best investment to make me and my clients happy.

(Meade Design Group Studio)

2) Is there anything in the" flower world" that drives you crazy or that you don't like?

Plastic and silk flowers – I cannot stand them.  If you are going to use flowers go for the real deal or go home.  Why bother!

3) Do you have a time of year or particular season that is your favorite for flowers?

I don't have a particular season or flower that I like – I usually like unexpected flowers or leaves that are interesting. For me, it is more about the composition, but sometimes a single flower says more than anything.  I really like Magnolia flowers and you only need one to make a statement. I personally prefer white flowers such as peonies, roses, calla lilies, paper whites, poinsettias, etc.  White flowers are always crisp and always attract the eye rather than having a colourful arrangement that complement the space.  I like the simplicity that white can bring, but I also like colours on some occasions.  I definitely cannot say no to red parrot tulips or burgundy calla lilies.  Depends on my mood and where I am planning to use flowers.  A year ago, we designed a wedding and the client wanted yellow and blue flowers, not my first choice personally, but we made that work beautifully.  You have to be open to the occasion, the location and the general mood you want to create.

4) What is your favorite spot for flowers in your own home?

If I am having people over I like to have an arrangement on my dining table, at the very least, and if there is a vase elsewhere in need of some flower love why not – Sometimes flowers in unexpected places can create a very unique atmosphere.  I do like a theme around the flowers I am using in my own home, so you can tell a story involving the interiors as part of your own voice.  You are the narrator, your interiors are the main actors and the flowers are the celebrity guests.   

There you have it, a designer's thoughts on flowers. Feel free to comment as I am always curious about why people love flowers and what flower is their favorite!! And if you are a lover of interior design check out Ivan's blog at  for  beautiful inspiration and many great interviews with world renown designers.

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